The Gift of Light

by Sky Shadow Obelisk

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released November 8, 2016

Peter Scartabello - vocals, guitar, bass, synths, drums

Additional Musicians

Track 1:
Neil Cabana - chorus vocals
Kirsten McCord - cello
Chris Lischio - additional rhythm guitars
Mike McKay - end vocals

Track 2:
Nick Lane - guitar solo
Danielle Blue - end vocals

Track 1 recorded by Peter Scartabello at Yuggoth 2.0 on Wakefield RI. Additional recording and mixing by Dan Sawyer at the Chamber in Warwick RI. Track 2 recorded and mixed at the vaults of Yoh-Vombis in Wickford RI.

Mastered by Dan Sawyer

Special thanks to Taylor Clement for the cover photograph and K.A. Opperman for contributing lyrical ideas to 'The Promise of Darkness'.



all rights reserved


Sky Shadow Obelisk Providence, Rhode Island

Sky Shadow Obelisk draws from modern classical, European melodic doom and progressive rock to weave a sound both simple and intricate in form, energy and texture.

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Track Name: The Gift of Light
The dawn gives forth this light
An offering to these mortal senses.
A blight of white moss
Holding the supple bark like a cradle.

A warm ivory hand
From a finely woven robe
Coaxes the night from its dream
Of the blackest ocean depths.

In the attic, the limited gaze of a child.
The wooden floor warm to the touch.
The autumn sky diffracted through the glass.
Shards of foliage against sapphire tessellations.

Pre-Chorus 2
The promise of light
Through the portal and down
To the soil beneath
Where the unknown echoes with loss.

Loss of possibility
Of the far fields of golden grasses
Under the vaulted sky
Pillars sounding through earth
Like great steel tines
Holding up the mantle of twilight.

Whispering from the dark reaches,
A starless night of black iron
Tolling like a bell through the cold
Silence of the void.

Pull out the light coiled inside-
the blackness like a snake
The light feeds on darkness and grows
Against the far reaches of space
The empty cosmos
Glimpse the synaptic stellar discharge.

The light is raw and bare
Still weary from battle
It spills forth like milk
Into an empty glass vessel.

The day turns over again
The damp etchings of decay
A breath frosts polished metal- the wind illuminates golden threads-
of dead grass
Kneeling under icy courses of northern air.

Dresses in the clouds wafting through the blue
Unfurling fingers of light reaching down through the branches.

Pre-Chorus 1

Down into the wood awakened by sunlight
The smell of distance and a foreign time:
The passage itself:
Moving to a strange, alien tempo

Pre-Chorus 2

Spiny nails pushing up the planks
The smell of cedar and clove
Nothing of that sun remains
But trust that it should know you.

The memory of red sunlight
The orange cloak of remewal
It’s soft smell like constellations of dandelion-
Feathers through the meadows
On the edge of the wood.

The sub-basement awakened
The darkness seething under the boiler room
The attic passage always leads here
Below but from the earth, moving outward

The final exhalation of summer
Filling your lungs with warmth
That smell of damp leaves
Of spores and mushrooms
That final exhalation of the fall.
Before the deep breath of winter.
Track Name: The Promise of Darkness
The clouds occult the moon, like ink-black hair
Hiding her pale face, child of a dying star
Sigil of Marduk between her ivory breasts
Mistress of the night walking barefoot down the sodden path.

Drawn to the King of Darkness, a Lich adorning rusted crown
The maiden is soon to meet in a coronation of primeval night
Wearing fine vestments and bearing the oblations
Offering herself to the shadow lord neath the strange music of his robe.

A silent dream, a cloak of mist covers the stone.
Drunk on nightshade wine, the roots they do entwine
Voices of the night, deep from a cavern sounds
Obsidian pitch wings, the bats their song they sing.

Deep into the woods lies a mirrored black pool
In the still waters an alluring scent rises
A toxic philter of lichen and mold beguiles
Reflecting no light nor image, in this well even darkness drowns.

Amidst the vines and tendrils stands a carbon throne
Prostrate herself to of the one that came before.


Before the light there was darkness, before the sun there was void
Birthing the spark of light, wheels of dark matter churn

Take my hand I’ll lead you
Into night take my hand.

Be not of death these shadows, be not the span before dawn
For in deep space the vastness, not death but an absence of life.

Take my hand, I’ll lead you
Into night, come with me
Have no fear, (whispered) close your eyes.